“Rob and all of the staff at Nordic Construction are first-rate builders and businessmen who know what they’re doing and provide excellent customer service.

They built us our dream house in 2008, on time, at the expected costs, and have been there for us ever since if any little thing arises that we need help with.

I know what a nightmare people say construction can be, but for us, it was smooth and timely. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”


“Rob Knorr is everything you’d want in a builder: smart, experienced, creative, resourceful, accessible, and honest. He explains options and helps you get to the right decision when mid-course adjustments are required.

And he has a great sense of humor – a needed trait when we start taking our ‘first world’ problems too seriously.

Give him a call. I’m glad I did!”


“Rob, and the folks from Nordic Construction, are truly top-shelf. The boss, Rob Knorr, is an engaged, intelligent, innovative builder, with an eye towards quality and invention.

After you’ve defined your project and your ideas, be sure to ask him for his opinion. It’s a good way to save yourself time, money, and aggravation. Once on the job, he and his sub-contractors consistently deliver economy without sacrificing quality, while holding disruption of your life to the minimum possible.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a fan and recommend Nordic Construction wholeheartedly.”